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K-12 Education:

Increased Funding

Advocate for increased state funding for K-12 education, ensuring that every school in the district has adequate resources for quality education.

Smaller Class Sizes

Work to reduce class sizes to allow for more personalized instruction and improved student outcomes.

School Infrastructure

Support school infrastructure upgrades and maintenance to provide safe and conducive learning environments.

Pass state legislation on Selective Enrollment schools

Parents should have a choice no matter where you live.

Staff Trainings

Add penalties for schools that fail to comply with existing state laws on properly restraining students.

Fund Laurens Law which passed in 2014 requiring all Illinois High School learn CPR and AED before graduation. We learned how important CPR saves lives after Damar Hamlin the football player from the Buffalo Bills was hurt.

Teacher Support and Development:

Competitive Salaries

Ensure competitive salaries for teachers to attract and retain high-quality educators in the district.

Teacher Diversity

Encourage policies to increase the diversity of teachers to better reflect the district's student population.

Parental Support

Promote parent education and support programs to ensure families are actively engaged in their children's education.

Specialized Support

Increase staffing for special education services so parents may get the unique needs of students with disabilities sooner.

Digital Equity:

Access to Technology

Ensure equitable access to digital devices and reliable internet connectivity for all students, especially in underserved areas.

Technology Integration

Promote the integration of technology into the curriculum to enhance learning opportunities.

Higher Education:

Student Debt Relief

Support initiatives to reduce student loan debt for those that attend Illinois State Universities once they have completed 12 years of non-profit or government work.

Vocational Training

Promote vocational and technical training programs to prepare students for in-demand jobs and careers.

School Accountability:

Student Performance Metrics

Establish transparent metrics for measuring student performance and school effectiveness.

School Accountability

Hold schools accountable for student outcomes while providing support to struggling schools.

Parent and Community Engagement:

Community Partnerships

Foster partnerships between schools and local community organizations to support students' academic and social development.

Parent Involvement

Encourage parental involvement through parent-teacher associations and regular communication between schools and families.

Addressing Achievement Gaps:

Targeted Support

Provide targeted resources and support to schools in underserved communities to close achievement gaps.

Academic Interventions

Implement evidence-based interventions to support students who are falling behind academically.

Cultural and Arts Education:

Enrichment Programs

Promote cultural and arts education programs to provide a well-rounded education for students.


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